"Realize that a drawing is not a copy. It is a construction in very different material. A drawing is an invention." Robert Henri

An International Landscape: los Paisajes

Coexistence - Imaginary Cities - Peace Paintings

Qingdao - Lao Mountains and Beaches - China, PRC

Qingdao - Pen and Ink on Paper Studies - China, PRC

Qingdao - Feng Shui Laoshan Mountains, PRC - Feng Shui

Qingdao - Libro de Colorear : China, Tsingtao - Coloring Pages

Final Study - Welcome to the Eisenhower Valley, VA - Drawing

Washington DC - Aerial Deconstruction of the American Capital

Jimbo's Place - One of many Variations of Jimbo's Place - Virginia Key

Dinner Key Marina - Panorama of City Hall and the Marina - Coconut Grove

NASSAU - View of the port city from the top deck of a cruise ship - the Bahamas

Miami River - Panorama from the 22nd Avenue Bridge Looking East 2006 - Florida

Famous Studios - 1938 Site of the Fleischer Animation Studio 2008 - in MIAMI, FLA

South Beach - Panorama of Miami Beach from South Point to the Lowes Hotel 2004 - 2005

Miami - Panorama of Downtown Miami skyline from Virginia Key 2004 - View from Jimbo's

Private Homes - examples of private commissions painted in an academic style - Family Homes

the Imaginary City - Limited Edition Suite of Drawings of Imaginary Cities 8X10 2005 - 2006

Egypt - Pen and Ink Drawing the artist's studio at 6 el Wady Street in Heliopolis, Cairo -Egypt

Downtown, Cairo - Three Pen and Ink Drawings of sites around Midan Tahrir, Cairo, Egypt

Heliopolis/ Misr El-Gadida - New Cairo is a neo-Arabic 19th cenury. urban development, NE

Alexandria, Egy/ Iskandreya - Pen and Ink Drawing of the harbor over Midan Zaghul in Alexandria

Luxor and Karnak / Luxor et Karnak - Pen and Ink Drawings from the Ancient Capital of Thebes

The West Bank / Luxor, Egypt - Various Drawings of Deir El-Bahri and The Ramesseum

The Brooke Hospital - Drawing and Information Available on the Luxor Animal Clinic, Egypt

Aswan, Nubia - Selected Drawings from a variety of sites around Aswan in Upper Egypt

Philae and Edfu - Selected Pen and Ink Contour Drawings from sites in Upper Egypt

Roma, Italia - Selected Pen and Ink drawings from favorite neighborhood in Rome

NYCLandscape - Pen and Ink Drawings of favorite sites around New York City

Panoramas - Black and White Pen and Ink Drawings of the Manhattan Skyline

Panoramas II - Pen and Ink Drawings of Lower Manhattan hand colored

Central Park -Contour Line Drawing of The Sheeps Meadow, study for painting

Interiors - commercial renderings of various buildings in New York and Philadelphia


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