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Drawings of Luxor, Egypt
by Jorge Perez-Rubio

Black and White Photograph and Drawing of the Pillars of Osiris and the Great Fallen Colossus of
Ramses II.
Deir El-Bahri
The West Bank of the Nile contains many sites, like The Valley of the Kings, The Temples of Queen Hatsepshut, Mentuhotep, and Tuthmose III, the Valley of Deir El-Bahri, Deir El-Medina, the Ramesseum, the Collossi of Memnon, and many many great places to visit. Below are selected pen and pencil drawings from favorite sites along the West Bank of
The Nile.

The Temple of Ramses II

Beneath the East Portico of the second court in the Ramesseum is one of the finest representations of the Battle of Kadesh ever executed. The entrance is blocked by a huge granite colossus that once stood 70 feet tall.

Above is a drawing from the original entrance to the Ramesseum, facing the fallen colossus of Ramses II. You can see the tips of his feet just behind them to the right before the little tree are his hands which once sat on his lap.

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