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Drawings of commercial renderings of various buildings in New York and Philadelphia
by Jorge Perez-Rubio

"Lobby II� , 8"x10", ink, 2000

"Dining Room" , 8"x10", ink, 2000

Jorge Perez-Rubio is an artist and educator living in the United States. The drawings above were done with pen and ink on site as proposed architectural renderings of two corporate interiors, one in Philadelphia and another in New York City. Perez-Rubio is available for architectural rendering and conceptual design from blue prints and other direction. Client interviews are essential and discussion of plans elementary. Perez-Rubio has also tutored architecture and interior design students of all ages.  Learning how to draw and visualizing space from a variety of sources can be taught with dregrees of success to professionals in all walks of life.

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For comments, contact information, or to arrange a studio visit , please email: info@perez-rubio.com