Qingdao Girls Advertising Posters, Qingdao, China

"Qingdao Girls Don't Date Boys That Eat Dogs" Summer 2016 Protest Against Dog Meat Trade in Asia : Jorge & Bella

"The point of modern propaganda is not only to misinform or to push an agenda. The point (of modern advertising) is to exhaust your critical thinking, to destroy the truth" - Gary Kasparov

This year was a turning point in Asian dietary history - Look it up! How many laws were passed? How many Dog Meat Farms closed? how the pet market is growing, how the dog meat trade slowed - there is compassion and there is still much work to do. Fight Hunger and Animal cruelty Together.

In 2016 China dropped the One-Child-Policy opening the way for more freedom of choice in family planning. A dog is a great traditional addition to the modern family. 2016年,中国放弃了独生子女政策,为更多的计划生育选择自由开启了道路。 一只狗是一个伟大的 传统除了现代家庭。

Qingdao Girls:2015 Calendar

QD.sohu ~ Qingdao Girls ~ 2014

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Works on Paper

ink and watercolor, gouache on paper portraits on commission

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Jorge & Bella: Qingdao Girls Poster Advertising, from Qingdao, China



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