Strong Ale Works

Brewed in Qingdao, China

Click on the image to download and print SAW Original Reproduction Poster Art or the 2013 calendar. below. Promotional material available through local resellers and posters included in all cases shipped out from Qingdao.
"The heartiest of drinkers may have noticed Strong Ale Works beer bottles around town, at Old Jack's Bar Downtown, Ze Bierstube in Laoshan and Li Xiao Tang in Zhonglian Guangchang. These are bottles not saddled with Chinese ingredients lists or other marks of import. At first, we thought something underhand was afoot; alternative brews smuggled in and sold to vendors for slashed prices perhaps… but on deeper investigation found that the brewing was actually taking place in Qingdao, at a brewing facility near Daxue Lu in the old town." REDSTAR MAGAZINE

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Qingdao Girls Series 2013