New Century School, Laoshan, Qingdao, China 2013-2014

"Qingdao: City by Design Metro Project"

"Qingdao: City by Design Metro Project : Before and After"

"the sea is a puzzle"

The art is in the process: during the first term of the school year students have the opportunity to work with parents and teachers on the first and second floor art rooms. We plan to have the exhibit open to the public by Spring Fesival 2014.

New Century School, Laoshan, Qingdao, China: Sample Lower Elementary First Semester Classroom Assignments on the Elements of Art: Line, Shape and Form.

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On the third consecutive year of this art project, selected Grade 2 and Grade 3 classrooms worked on the city landmarks while Grade 1 students constructed models of "their home" and placed them in the correct neighborhoods. We had to move to a different space as there was a piano and a "bank" now on the first floor! This kind of art project allows for great cooperation with other teachers willing to participate while connecting the elementary school with the community.

.Art Paper Exhibition : QCCI : Laoshan New Century School: 232 Songling Lu : From January 3 to June 26 2014.