Zur Bierstube II at No.2 GuanTau Lu (Kaiser Strasee) Old Tsingtau, China 2013-14
Mural Reconstruction on First and Second Floor: Approved by the German Street Commission

2楼 2楼 2楼

1楼 1楼 1楼

In the Summer of 2013 the owners of Zur Bierstube German Restaurant along with support from DEFA and the German Street Heritage Committee and adjoining Government Officials in the District of Shibei in Qingdao, China, requested sketches for a proposed two story wall painting as a reminder of the old city under the German influence.

1楼 Leaving after dinner...


August and September 2013: Line work of approved drawings on the first and second floors of the restaurant.

1893 to 1903, 1907 to 1917 and 1920 were the dates highlighted for the proposed picture. Special thanks to The Qingdao Public Library, the Qingdao Document Office, The members of the German Street Committee and Qingdao University for help in researching this art project. Enjoy German Food!

Zur Bierstube No.2 Guantau Lu

The walls before development. Art Work in Progress during the German Street Festival September 6 to 10th.

Above: The artist Perez-Rubio with assistants working on the wall painting of Tsingtau c.1895 to 1917 at No2 Kaiserstrasse (Guantau Lu)

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