Portraits 肖像 Retratos

Pin- Ups, Portraits y Otras Pinturas Sobre la Figura

Color Fades - Lines Don't.

Line and Color can be used to communicate a likeness. On this page is a sample of a series of portraits done over a span of several years. The stylization process depends on the character of the subject and influences were often discussed during the process. Although not a formal painter of portraits, work on the figure extends to capturing individuals, some who may be close to the artist.

Various styles based on the pronounced use of line can be applied - while other pictures experiment with the figure in this urban contemporary manner and some of these are familiar faces, the people in the pictures are not always recognizable as real. Vice versa, real people will come into a painting where they want to - sometimes the attempt is more deliberate than at other times. In the end it is the simple contour line that communicates the image to the viewer.

If painting is a language there are often symbols added to the canvas to tell a more complete story or show several points of view at once. This can be accomplished visually by the juxtaposition of various elements on the same picture plane.
Establishing the Countour Line is what gives RECOGNITION to the image. Contour, like a fingerprint, is an individual signature or gesture. Above is a vector line portrait of a friend and his two year old daughter during a visit to Miami.
Below: Two Portraits from New York City

"margot and teenie", oil on canvas, 100cmX70cm, 2k

Y2K in NYC

Below: Qingdao Girl Anna Wu portrait for Advertising Poster 2012 Ink on Paper

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