Aerial deConstruction of Washington D.C., USA

Aerial Deconstruction of Washington D.C. (oil on canva) 5X7 ft. 2005 *Private Collection "Washington: A History of Our National City by Tom Lewis; Aerial Construction of Washington DC featured on page 363: "Lines carry words" (Available on Amazon here) Is a perfect summary of a philosophy of Art Education that claims drawing is like writing, or that writing is like drawing - and that both should be encouraged particularly at the early stages of schooling. What the artist, Perez-Rubio, here attempts is an aerial de-construction of Washington D.C. in an effort to draw, and later paint the linear foundations of the landscape before him during his multiple visits and various short residencies in the American capital. Of course, this is easy to see from up here because the lines are still there.

Above: Line Study for 2005 Aerial Deconstruction of Washington DC ( View from Arlington Virginia)
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