Coney Island , Brooklyn, NYC
by Jorge Perez-Rubio

Stillwell Avenue, Last stop on the F Train
Oil on Canvas, Size 40"L x 34"W

Astroland and The Wonder Wheel
Sold in 1999 to a collector now living in Los Angeles, Ca. the small image above to the left was commissioned before their departure for out West as a memento of one of their favorite Broolkyn sites - the amusement park with the moon rising.

Astroland #5
Oil on Canvas, Size 24"L x 30"W
Most of the classic rides like the Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel are found in Astroland - or to the left towards the Aquarium.

A painting of the Wonder Wheel completed last summer - a detail showing the carriages above. The detail of the carriages reflect the line which is a current theme in all the work towards " a structural simplification of objects" (Dr.Luv-L).

"Fifth Avenue", oil on canvas
24X18, 1999

Entrance to The Wonder Wheel
A line drawing below is one of a hundred studies I have done in the area. This one too turned into as small painting after visiting three or four times. It is the view from the boardwalk with the entrance to The Wonder Wheel to the right - 3$ a pop for two big turns of the wheel - on a clear day you can see forever and in the evenings it's something else.

Entrance to the Wonder Wheel
Oil on Canvas, Size 24"L x 30"W

Coney Island, 1995
Currently in a private collection, this was the first large scale painting of Coney Island. Painted on burlap with oils it was a collaboration with poet and writer Caley O'Dwyer.

Coney Island was a favorite subject during 1999-2000. While efforts were being made to clean up the site - ambitious urban renewal projects like a the sports stadium/concert arena - it's still a little seedy and you have to pick your outtings right. Although the ocean is beautiful, the beach is not the main focus in the pitures - it's the rusty deathtraps of amusement, the epileptic light seizures, and the all around carnival atmosphere that saturates the bleak Brooklyn architecture that's way past it's heyday. You can see the beach from some of the paintings but it's far away in the backround and some of the paintings done from the boardwalk look in towards the city and not out to the water. I've only been in the water once myself and it was alright, but it's not a nice beach and it's way to cold for my temper. I mostly just like the ferris wheel and all the rides out by the ocean. Fun as it should be.

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