Paintings of Three Pyramids
by Jorge Perez-Rubio


"The Great Pyramid at Giza"


"The step pyramid at Saqquara"


"The bent pyramid at Dashur"

Three paintings of structurally sound buildings found in Egypt. Painted during 2001 and 2003 they are the pyramids at Giza, Memphis, and Dashur. The great pyramid of Giza is perfect in its placement and its geometry. The step pyramid of memphis is not in memphis really but in saqquara. The bent pyramid at Dashur lools like a tent when the walls eventually sloped. These are three types of pyramids. Pyramids come in many shapes and sizes. the pyramids of mexico are fancy while the pyramids in south east asia are even more decorative - not to detract from their preponderance - and up the nile in the sudan they get pointy.

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