Giza, Cairo: the Pyramids of Egypt Series

With over fifty paintings in this series from early 2000-2003, the artist Jorge Perez-Rubio settled on a geometric approach to this challenging subject. He was inspired by the structural work of Paul Klee, and while some of the pieces are more in deference to that style, many were "surprisingly original" depictions of this subject.
click here for The Egyptian Newspaper "AlAhram" Art Review 2004

The Pyramids , Giza, Cairo

Above is the first painting of The Great Pyramid (2001)by Jorge Perez-Rubio, now in a private collection. One of a series inspired by a variety of images of the pyramids and a painting by Paul Klee of a mountain in the Alps titled The Niesen (1915). That Swiss landscape was painted under the influence of Cubism a year after his journey to North Africa.

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