Interfaith Composition No.55 : City of God Series : 2018 : 2X4 Ft. : Oil on Canvas with Pencil (*)

Interfaith Composition No.27 : City of God Series : 2009 : 3X6 Ft. : Acrylic on Canvas with Charcoal (*)

..1 ..2 ..3

HXW 1.) 20X20" 2.) 30X20" 3.) 26X50"

The original drawings were based on a common inversion illusion while studying political science in art history in the 1990's, the rhombus like shapes allow the collector to hang the paintings or rotate them as they see fit. This supports the concept of one world many religions reflected in the paintings and hopes to encourage mutual respect and cooperation that you find in Queens, New York, parts of Cairo, most cities in Latin America and parts of South Florida(as has been the artists experience ) All the paintings humbly attempt to depict progressive interfaith societies like those that existed in the early Middle Ages where coexistence and commerce were the way forward, not the way backwards.

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