Middle School Art and Design : SAMPLE Grades 6 to 8

First, a word about the middle school....a time of great volatility...a child can really be turned off to the arts during this time. The development of a full and mature aesthetic may be seriously impaired.

OBJECTIVE: An introduction - a tour - of BASIC Perceptual and Compositional skills that will be needed later in High School. "Children show great enthusiasm for art in the elementary grades and they are eager to take additional art courses when given an opportunity to do so".

While working out a Basic Outline of the History of ART we will (1) explore the way people make art and (2) we are going to make art ourselves.

The areas that the course covers are drawing, painting, printmaking, the camera arts (photography video and film), sculpture, architecture, graphic arts and crafts.

We will talk about what we are doing by learning the Elements and Principles of Design:

Line - Shape - Form - Color - Value - Texture - Color

Balance - Emphasis - Unity - Movement - Rhythm - Pattern - Space - Proportion

Classroom expectations:

1)All work is to be turned in on time and done to the best of your ability in an art class you only cheat yourself from developing a as an artist and if you do well you should be able to apply your visual thinking techniques to other aspects of your school and your life.
2)You are only a painter when you are painting. Explain practice practice practice
3) All artists work with what they have. Explain MATERIALS LIST

And if drawing and painting are like reading and writing � just imagine if you got this far and you could not read and write - happy drawing everybody and welcome to art class.

NOTE TO TEACHER: Working across the curriculum is important here. Everything a student thinks and does in an art class makes them stronger in their other courses. Make an effort to keep up or cross over all their other classes.

About ART IN EDUCATION: CLASSROOM PROCEDURES: Middle School Students in the USA and overseas


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