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inquiries on original artwork please click HERE . Although all original illustrations can be used for commercial purposes, they forever and always remain between the buyer and the seller and can be posted on this website without express written consent. References furnished upon request.

Cherchez une photo d'un paysage, un personnage ou un objet ?Looking for a drawing of a person, place or thing? ´┐ŻEsta buscando una imagen de un paisaje, una figura o un objeto?

Art in Education: Sharing the Common Human Element : QCCI Magazine, Qingdao, PRC 2012

HoW to UsE this SitE:

The images are all divided into "Drawings" and "Paintings". The work is then catalogued under the traditional rubrics of the Still life, Landscape or Figure. (Please Note: All abstract work is derived from Nature;) NIHIL SUB SOLE NOVI/UM Examples of the work are listed by DATE from the most recent at the top to the earliest seen at the bottom of each page.

For comments or questions please send an email to : info@perez-rubio.com